Why Sun Key Travel?

Sun Key Travel is a full service travel agency focused on "Personalized" travel planning that unlocks YOUR travel dreams. I specialize in vacations, cruises and scuba diving trips. My personal goal is to offer you exceptional service and attention to detail that exceeds your expectations. I can help with all aspects of your travel planning. Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway, honeymoon, first (or 50th) cruise, family vacation or scuba diving as a beginner or a seasoned veteran, I can help. I do the leg work so you can simply enjoy your vacation knowing that you have someone behind you all the way. Looking for an excursion or sightseeing adventure? Want to be sure you have the airport transfers included? Have questions about a destination? That is why we say it is "personalized" travel planning. It is all about you and what you want to do. Why not request a free quote today? At Sun Key Travel, we are your travel experts, but we want to unlock YOUR travel dreams.

Frequently-Asked Questions

Why use a travel agent instead of booking it myself?

One very important thing that most people don't realize is that they don't pay a higher price to use a travel agent. In many cases, we can use our resources to get the same or a lower price than the online sites have. Travel agents are paid commission by the suppliers. If you use an online site, the commission is still paid but you don't know to who. By using a reputable travel agent, you have an advocate and a real person to contact, not just an 800 number. Why not get the experience and expertise of a professional to help you with your plans. If you find a better price, I will try my very best to match or beat that price. Travel agents have access to many vendors and  suppliers that the public does not have access to. Because I am a small home based agency, I want happy customers that tell their friends about the experience and most importantly, they become repeat customers. I also monitor prices for your vacation or cruise for price reductions and qualifying specials after you book. Remember, YOU are my customer and I will look for the best value for you and not just the cheapest price. I will also look at every brand not just one single brand like some web sites would do. If I don't have the personal experience in your chosen destination, I am independently affiliated with a group that offers the expertise of over 700 agents, whose unbiased reviews and experiences are invaluable.

How do I pay for my vacation?

Most payments and deposits are made directly to the supplier.  Once we've chosen the perfect vacation, I can tell you what the deposit, cancellation & final payment requirements for that particular vacation.  I handle all the details and let you know when you owe what.  In general, most package vacations & cruises offer a deposit/final payment type of plan.  For airfare and flights, you nearly always pay the entire amount up front.  For my group dive trips, I use a deposit and final payment plan.  Because these are group trips, the payments for those are made directly to me.  All suppliers have specific requirements for deposits, cancellations & refunds.  Every company is different but I make sure you understand those upfront.

How do I pay for your services?

Most of the time I get paid commission directly from the supplier for my services.  It doesn't cost you anything extra to use my services!  That includes my group dive trips.  Occasionally there are exceptions.  Some airfare only transactions may be subject to a small service fee as many airlines do not pay commissions.  In that instance, I do charge a reasonable fee for my services.