South Africa -Cheetahs, Zululand and Zulu Culture

One stop we made while on our educational trip to South Africa was at a Cheetah Recovery and breeding facility.  We were able to learn how Cheetah numbers are dropping and programs such as this one are helping.  They take in Cheetahs that can’t be returned to the wild, for various reasons, and use them for breeding.  The offspring are raised in a wild, people free environment and then released into the wild when they are old enough to sustain themselves.  I found that pretty impressive!!


Above is one of the males used for the breeding program.  He and his brother live together here.  So beautiful but still so much like a kitty!!

We stayed the night at a place called Dumazulu.  Our rooms were traditional style Zulu round houses.  They believe the round corners keep evil spirits away because they don’t have corners to hide in.  The buildings were stunning and each represented a particular Zulu village’s style & colors.



The next morning, we were treated to a ceremony showing us their culture and dance.  This is something that young people volunteer for to learn about their cultures and traditions and keep them alive.  They live there in the traditional village for a year.

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Africa has so many tribes, with so many different cultural traditions, it was fun to learn about some of that!!  The Cheetah recovery center is just down the road so it’s a nice combo of things to do while you’re in South Africa!