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My name is Kathy English and I launched Sun Key Travel in January 2009. I have always loved to travel and was at a crossroads in my life where I wanted to spend more time at home. Sun Key Travel is a fully independent travel agency but we have partnered with the Travel Network and Vacation Central to be able to offer you the very best prices on all cruises and vacation packages.  In addition, we do business with literally hundreds of suppliers to be able to offer you the perfect plan at the best possible price for your perfect trip!

I live in the mountains in rural Idaho where we have beautiful but short summers and very long winters. The name, Sun Key Travel, came about because the sun was always the key to where I wanted to go in the winter. I am an avid scuba diver and have been since January 2002. I have traveled to many places for diving from the very remote Papua New Guinea, the Maldives, Malaysian Borneo and Indonesia to the easy to get to Caribbean destinations like Grand Cayman, Roatan and Bonaire, as well as many others.

Sun Key Travel is a full service travel agency focused on “Personalized” travel planning that unlocks YOUR travel dreams. I specialize in vacations, cruises and scuba diving trips. I attained my Accredited Cruise Counselor (ACC) rating in January 2011. That is a comprehensive 2 year course offered by the Cruise Line International Association. My personal goal is to offer you exceptional service and attention to detail that exceeds your expectations.  I truly enjoy planning travel for others and am always learning something new about some new and exciting place to visit.  Now tell me, does it get any better than that?

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