New Camera for Diving Palau

It felt like I said goodbye to an old friend last week when I sold my camera.  I don’t use the big, fancy ones with the double strobes that cost big $$$, I use a point & shoot with underwater modes from Olympus.  I have been using the same one since 2008 which is an eternity for a camera.  I have taken literally thousands of pictures with it, maybe even 10’s of thousands.  All of my photos from Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Indonesia, Borneo, Maldives, Bonaire, Belize & other odd & end dives are all with this camera.  It was a SW1030 in a housing and I loved it.  It felt like it was time to upgrade so last week, I did.P5170124Puerto Galera Day 1 084 sm

Like I said, it was like an old friend.  I decided I still don’t want the big & expensive, hard to handle, large camera so I went with another Olympus point & shoot.  I love the brand & it hasn’t disappointed me yet.  I decided to get a TG-3 with a housing.  I also added a strobe & small arm that go directly on top of the housing.  This will be my first experience with a strobe & I may well decide that I need the cradle & long arm that most setups use.  We will see.  I like to keep it as small as possible and as simple as possible.  I also added a big eye lens and red filter to make it possible to take wider angle shots.


For me this feels like a big (HUGE) step.  For a serious underwater photographer, they are still laughing at this post.  But for me, this feels right.  I have always been proud of the photos I have accomplished with my little camera so I am confident that I can do even better with this new setup.  I will have the perfect test area with a 10 day live-aboard trip to Palau next month.  Palau has lots of big critters to try out the wide angle shots and lots of little stuff to test out the macro & see if it is still as good with this new camera.  It does have a couple of new modes that I am excited about & a better lens.Puerto Galera Day 1 179a sm

Of course, you know I will be posting pictures on my return but I felt like I needed to give my old friend one more showcase in my blog and bid a fitting goodbye!

Puerto Galera Day 2 133 smPuerto Galera Day 1 019b sm

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